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showcase module

The new onOffice showcase module enables you to create presentation PDF files for your properties with which you can perfectly present your properties.  
Please note that the showcase module is an additional module subject to a further charge. For this please contact our sales representative.

Creation of a showcase presentation:

Select the properties from your property list for which you would like to create a showcase presentation.
For this activate the tick next to the property/properties and select following function in the action bar.

Create exposé >> Create showcase presentation

Afterwards a pop-up window will open where it is possible to create the showcase window in two different designs.
Via the selector you can choose between "Showcase-Presentation 1" or "Showcase-Presentation 2". As soon as you have chosen a design confirm your selection with a the button: "Create".

After creation of the PDF file you can decide if you want to save the showcase presentation or just open it.

Advantage zip file

If you opt for this format your showcase exposé will be created in jpg format. This way you can easily play the file onto an USB stick and run it without a computer via a monitor or TV with an USB interface.

Settings in Acrobat Reader

Please note following settings in your Acrobat-Reader: You find these in Acrobat under Edit >> Pre-settings

Settings property management

Please note following settings in property management:

View showcase presentation

Output Showcase window presentation 1:

Output showcase window presentation 2: