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Process manager

With the help of the process manager you have the option to depict internal work processes in smart onOffice that are carried out according to the same principle. If you have once created a process template in smart you can edit and of course optimize this template at any time.

Please note that the onOffice process manager is a chargeable additional module. Please contact our sales representative. Please contact our sales representative for this.

In order to create a template click on

Edit >> Processes

You get into the “list view process template”

In this list view you have an overview of the current “ongoing processes”. These are the processes that have been currently started or are still in process. Here you see the process name, the person responsible for the process and which property as well as address data record is linked to this process.

In the next tab “Concluded processes” you are shown the processes that have been successfully concluded until the end.

In the last tab Process templates the existing templates are listed for you (if already available). Here you have the option to click on an existing process template in order to edit it retrospectively. In order to edit an existing template click with the mouse right on the symbol “Edit”. Then the template is opened in a new window and now you can edit or optimize it.