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Property value analysis

With the help of onOffice property value analysis (PVA) it is possible at any time to swiftly calculate the current value of the property based on the entered property data. For executed property value analysis there are templates at your disposal.

Please note that the property value analysis module is an additional module subject to a further charge. For this please contact our sales representative.


The calculation is made in accordance with the insurance value. This is a simplified intrinsic value determination based on substantial value decisive characteristics of a property.


The required construction cost index is automatically updated by onOffice on a quarterly basis.

Important notice: The property value analysis is not a market value assessment in accordance with §194 BauGB.

Enter the data in onOffice

With the activated PVA module the tab "PVA" will be available to you. Here all known data from property management have already been assumed. Missing data are shown beforehand via the input mask in red font.  

So that a further calculation of the property value can take place it is necessary to provide all missing data.
The entry of the important data for the valuation is divided into:

Property data

The data has mainly been assumed from your entries under the tab "basic data" and "Prices/surfaces". Please not that the entry of a fictive construction year does allow a calculation of a property bearing in mind modernizations ("Rejuvenation" = Appreciation of property).

Building value

The further calculation of the building value is based on the already existing entries (property data). First you enter the "Underlying asset building costs 1914". Taking this as the basis ensures that the insurance sum in any case has been sufficiently considered in the calculation even if the building costs are subject to seasonal  fluctuations. The deductions for missing basement are deducted in percentages from the calculated building value.

Ground value

For the calculation of the ground value it is necessary to first enter the standard ground value.

Impairment loss

The impairment loss is determined in accordance with Ross. More information on this via Wikipedia:

Underlying asset

Finally the underlying asset is returned as sum of building and ground value.


Return of the property value analysis

onOffice offers you the option to print out the analysis in a simple or extended version. After all data which is required to make the calculation has been entered click on "Create analysis".


For selection of Word templates "PVA Version 1" and "PVA Version 2". If needed you can alter the templates or create new ones. Our support can provide you with more details.