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With the help of the Immomatching version (extended search criteria function) you are able to filter out the matching property for your potential buyer from your existing property stock.
Not only in administration is it possible to assign K.O.- and search criteria but you can create these criteria for every single potential buyer.

Assignment of new criteria with a potential buyer

For this go into the respective address data record of your potential buyer and select here the tab search criteria. Via the symbol or item "Create search criteria"  you can create a new selection of K.O. and search criteria for this address data record. For editing the criteria click on the new created list view of search criteria assignment. 

Subsequently the window "Edit search criteria" opens. Next to the set determined K.O. criteria such as post code, living area, rent etc. it is also possible to determine individual search criteria for each potential buyer. Beyond this it is possible to deactivate or delete previously activated K.O. criteria.

Create new criteria

For the creation of new criteria for the potential buyer click on the selector arrow next to the button "Create new".

A selector option with possible criteria opens. As soon as you select a field and click on the button "Create new". The criterion will appear in the general area of the search criteria.
Depending on the criterion you have the option to select even more precise details. For this click on the edit symbol next to the new created criterion. In the pop-up window that opens you can make further refined settings. With "Adopt" you confirm the selection. Afterwards the exact term appears in the search criteria mask.
In case you want to determine the criterion as K.-O. criterion place a tick in the K.O. column and save it afterwards in the newly created search criteria. Example: Your potential buyer in any case an apartment where one can keep pets and the bathroom has a bath tub. For this create the new criterion "Bath". In a next step you can select "Bathtub", Corner bathtub" or even "Shower and tub". In addition to this you create a new criterion "Pets" and refine this detail with "Yes". As these both criteria are mandatory for your potential buyer place a tick next the fields "Bath" and "Pets" in the column K.O. criterion and save the new details.
Of course there is the option to deactivate or even completely delete the existing K.O. criteria. For this either remove the tick in the K.O. criterion column or to delete click on the bin symbol of the respective criterion.

Presentation with properties

In the main menu item "Properties“ under the tab "potential buyer" you will find in the new Immomatching version the sorting of assigned addresses in accordance to the corresponding percentage. Direct hits (when all criteria match) are awarded 100%; Figures below 100% indicate that there are deviations from individual criteria.
The deviating criteria are displayed in color which can be seen by clicking on the potential buyer and opening the all relevant property data. Any criteria in orange deviates within a range of tolerance from the given value. Criteria in red don't fall within the area.
Usual activities such as compiling e-Mails and letter can of course still be executed via actions.

Presentation with addresses/potential buyer

You will also find in the data record of each potential buyer/customer under the tab "Properties" the matching percentage between the property and potential buyer established by Immomatching.
The sorting of the appropriate properties for the potential buyer is done on the basis percentile descending scale. Here 100% is a direct hit and the more the property diverges from the potential buyer details the lower the percentage will be. With a click on a property in the list all relevant property data is opened automatically.
As usual you can undertake further actions such as compiling e-Mails and letters.