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E-Mail template

With onOffice smart you can comfortably create e-Mail templates. In order to create a new template go to

Edit >> Templates / files

Im linken Fenster sehen Sie die bereits von onOffice vorgeschlagenen Vorlagen.

In the left window you will already see the templates suggested by onOffice ’Interessenten.

Select under the type of template "E-Mail template".

Select the title and folder for your e-Mail template. If it is a new folder name the new folder is automatically created and the template is included. If you select an existing folder the template will be automatically included here.

Under e-Mail type you decide whether your customer is to receive the e-Mail as a text HTML.

Text: The e-Mail type "Text" is preset. Enter you e-Mail text and if necessary macros in the text fields subject and content and click on "Save".

HTML: Select the e-Mail type "HTML". Automatically the HTML-Editor will open. In order to create your e-Mail in HTML you require basic knowledge of the programming language HTML.

Private: If you set your template to private then it will only be visible to you. In addition to this a user can also edit their private templates even if one doesn’t have the right to "Edit templates".