Timetracking - online help onOffice smart


Over the menu item

Edit >> Timetracking

you get to Timetracking.

With the help of Timetracking you can easily record the working times of your employees and can so cut costs. Do without elaborate keeping of books and data sheets for registering working times.

Under the menu item

Extras >> Settings >> Users >> User name >> Rights

you get to the user settings.

Under the respective user rights you can determine the work and pause times of your employees. The pause times are automatically deducted from the time account of the employee. With the Timetracking one can automatically record overtime hours which helps you specifically target relieving individual employees from extra work. Furthermore, in the overview for Timetracking you see all relevant data on sick days, holidays, remaining holidays as well as overtime house and so you are given an effective option to realize resource planning in your broker office.

On every page of the software the Timetracking box is depicted on the top right.

As displayed in the illustration in the Timetracking box a start and stop button are integrated. This enables you to see by a split of a second how long you have worked or taken a break. In order to start the working time click on the button “Start”. In order to stop the working time, e.g. if you go on a break, you just click on the button “Stop”. After the break one just clicks on start and the working time continues to run. TheTimetracking is updated as soon as you open a new page in onOffice smart. At the end of the working day then again click on the button “Stop” in order to end Timetracking.

For additional storage of data the practical Excel export function of accounting is available.